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8 out of 10 people are exposed online

What is Guarded?

Guarded is a B2C data analysis company. We specialized in identifying key terms and organizing relevant data by a specific keyword such as name, phone number or email. Guarded . Net uses its technology to help every day people find and remove their personal information from public records such as websites, forums, blogs, corporate websites and more. Guarded.Net provides unparalleled, on point, personal information protection program to help keep you and your family safe!

Guarded Services
Web Protection Program
Perform Up to 10 Searches Per Month for You and Your loved Ones! Identify Where Your Personal Information Is Being Shared or Sold!
Monitor & Alerts Program
Monitor up to 10 People and Get Instant Notifications When Your Personal Data is Published Anywhere!
Opt Out Services
Opt Out and Ensure Your Personal Information is Removed for Every Source Found Online! Guarded Will Keep You Notified If Your Information is Republished!
How Does It Work?

Every time you shop, sign up with a new App, share information on Facebook, Instagram, and other websites and stores, your information is being collected, analyzed and sold. Do you have any knowledge of how many sources have access to your personal information? Data such as Emails, Phone Numbers, Home and Work addresses, Public Court Documents, Birth Dates, Social Security Numbers, Driver License Numbers, Mortgage information, Martial Status, Health Data and much more is being freely collected and resold between corporations. There is more information available on you online than you know!

Your information can be accessed by pretty much anyone. Data brokers obtain and use your information to sale your consumer behavior for marketing and other purposes.

Your online profiles and personal information is available on people search websites such as:,,,,,,,, and thousands ofother websites of similar nature.

Guarded. Net propriety technology analyzes and delivers all exposed and sold data related to you! We perform a daily analysis of billions of records that are sold and delivered between corporations, data brokers, social media outlets and other channels. Guarded . Net Works 24/7 to keep your personal information secured!

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